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2010 Show

Rosewood July 2010

The Modern Game Promotional Society selected Rosewood Poultry Club Inc to host their First Show in conjunction with the Rosewood Club's Annual Show.

Rosewood has always had a reputation for top competition and is home to noted Poultry Fancier Clive Claus who has been at the top of the fancy for mist of his adult life. Clive and his wife Dos are have held Executive Positions in the club for as long as I can remember.

The Ipswich Council are in the process of a massive upgrade of the Rosewood Showgrounds and as part of this they built a fantastic Poultry Pavilion complete with brand new pens. The Pavilion and it's 1200 Pens are the envy of most clubs Australia wide. 2010 was the first time that the pavilion was used.

Rob Monement was selected as the Judge for the Modern Game Feature and some 308 Moderns were entered including about 6 Standard Moderns

The Best Modern was a Pullet Shown by popular Modern Fancier from Bundaberg Mr Mal McDougal

Below are a few of the Photos from the Show

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Please be patient while the website is being updated. The full show results will be published shortly.

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