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2015 Inductee

Book of Recognition Inductee 2015

Proudly Presented to

Mal McDougall

Mal McDougall by Jan McDougall

Mal was just 8 years old when he was first introduced into the world of breeding show poultry.

It was through the encouragement of his grandmother Bertha Hansen, who was a very keen breeder of Large Sussex and New Hampshire, where his interest in poultry soon became his passion in life.

His grandmother purchased his first trio of Modern Game Pile bantams which came from an old breeder in Bundaberg, George Gallagher, who was then a noted breeder of Modern Game, Pekins Bantams and large Australorp.

Mal tells the story of how he soon became a builder of his first chook pen at such an early age. It was his first of many.

This trio of Modern Piles went onto to win Best Hardfeather Female and Best Hardfeather Bantam of Show, so you can imagine he was now hooked for life. It made him so keen that unknown to his mother she would give him lunch money for school but instead he would use the money for down payments for more chooks.

During his early breeding and showing years Mal had great respect and admiration for the late Col (C. J. McLellan). His guidance and advice in breeding quality fowls was always the foremost criteria in selection of what went into the breeding pen. He instilled the importance of following the Australian Standard and to have honesty and integrity when showing your fowls. Col was a wonderful role model to Mal as a young man and he was someone who left a lasting impression on his life.

Another strong influence on Mal’s love of Modern Game came from the late Bruce Trewin of Victoria. He made many visits to his yard giving him advice on his stock. Mal learned so much from Bruce who was well respected as a Modern Game breeder throughout Australia. It’s not until you can look back and reflect on the people who helped you along the way that you realise what an influence they had on your life and in this case the art of Breeding Modern Game.

Mal will never forget, when on one of Bruce’s visits he asked him to sell him one of his bantams. It made Mal feel so proud to think that such a prominent breeder Bruce Trewin would want one of his fowls to breed from. It was a Splash female.

Two other great Modern Game breeders that gave their advice so willingly to Mal were the late Dempsey Bailey and Billy Mill. They were true gentlemen of the fancy and possessed a wealth of knowledge in the art of breeding Modern Game

Over the years Mal has bred most colours of Moderns and he believes there is nothing like seeing a Modern Game Champion standing proudly in the show pen.

Mal has been fortunate to have had many successes with his Modern Game and one of the proudest wins was the Inaugural Modern Game Promotional Society’s Annual Show which was held at Rosewood in Queensland in 2011 with a Blue Red hen.

In recent years Mal has included Large Moderns into his collection. Another well - known and very knowledgeable breeder Col McCall helped him start off his large moderns. Large Moderns are beginning to have resurgence in the showing pen and Mal is proud of the part he is playing with the comeback of this breed.

Mal has been an accredited Open Panel Judge with the Queensland Feathered Council for a number of years and has a diverse knowledge in Hardfeather and Softfeather Breeds as well as Waterfowl. He has judged at all capital cities Royal Shows except Sydney throughout Australia and recently was honoured to judge in New Zealand at two shows in New Plymonth and Timarui. Mal holds a strong belief that the honour of being invited to judge any show is a privilege not a right. He strongly respects exhibitor’s efforts in presenting their birds for his judgement and treats all birds with fairness in accordance with the Australian Poultry Standard.

With over 50 years of breeding and showing Modern Game, Mal has always maintained that this breed is one of the most interesting and rewarding to try to perfect. It has been his lifelong passion and will continue to be over the years to come.

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