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Annual Meeting minutes

Minutes of the Anual General Meeting 2014

to download a Printable Copy of the Minutes click the link AGM Minutes 2014

Annual General Meeting Minutes

Modern Game Promotional Society Inc.

Annual General Meeting

Bundaberg, Queensland

Sunday 13th July 2014.


Meeting Opened 9.30 am


John Pocock, Alan Brennan, Wayne Ingleton, Graeme Rantall, Joel Rantall, David Jungfer, Gary Phillips, Margaret Oxley, Shirley Kliedon, Keith Kleidon, Mal McDougall, Janice McDougall, Gary McLellan, Michelle Dunn, Ric Dunn, Dannella Zanker, Kevin Zanker, Les Oxley, Bruce Paton, Gary Marshall, Daniel Cook, Tim Hamilton, Amanda Fulcher, Jeff Fulcher, Sherryl Loy, Daniel Higgins, Noel Kensey, Rodney Laverty, Chris Windus, Ted Brown, Brendan Lloyd, Ian MacNamara, Peter Strike.


Greg Popplewell, Brad Carter, Ian Simpson, Kath McKenna. Acceptance of apologies

Moved: Noel Kensey Seconded: Shirley Kleidon. Carried

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held 16/06/2013.

Minutes read and accepted as true and correct Moved: Chris Windus Seconded: Sherryl Loy Carried.

Business Arising from AGM 16/06/2013

Modern Game Promotional Society National Annual Shows

NSW: Venue Bathurst - 11th and 12th July 2015

Vic: Venue Horsham - 9th and 10th July 2016


Presidents Report: Read by Alan Brennan

Election of Office Bearers: All positions were declared vacant by Alan Brennan. Nominations and Office Bearers for 2014-2015.All Accepted

Annual General Meeting Page 2

Office Bearers

General Business:

1. Al Brenan thanked Wayne Ingleton for the enormous contribution Wayne has done as Publicist of the MGPS Magazine and all the achievements Wayne has done since being one of the founders of MGPS. Al also thanked Graeme Rantall for his contribution as Secretary of MGPS

2. Noel Kempsey reported that NSW MGPS members are forming a state NSW MGPS Modern Game Club. President: Noel Kempsey, Vice President: Daniel Higgins, Secretary/Treasurer: Chris Windus. Patron: Gary Phillips. Mudgee has been approached as Venue to be finalised.

3. Wayne Ingleton asked for feedback on having other breeds at our MGPS National show or to use any spare cages to sell birds. Consensus was not to have other breeds as this could compromise our own entries and to have any spare cages for those wishing to sell birds.

4. Noted that a New World Record for entries was accomplished at this year’s MGPS National Show held at Bundaberg 2014. 705 Large and Bantam Moderns.

5. Bruce Paton suggested that in future shows to have separate colours rather than have them all in AOC. He suggested that when entries are collated to divide them depending on the numbers.

Annual General Meeting Page 3

6. Mal McDougall moved a Motion: That all exhibitors should be a member of MGPS except juniors and locals of the venue of the Show. Motion Seconded: Daniel Higgins. Motion Carried. The MGPS committee are to decide the final costs.

7. Rod Laverty nominated Chris Windus to be the Show Manager for the MGPS National show to be held in Bathurst 2015 .Seconded by Wayne Ingleton. Chris accepted the position.

8. Bruce Paton commented on the success of the field day that was held at Wayne Ingleton’s on the 10th July Thursday. Bruce moved a Motion: that a field day is held prior to each National Show, and that Judges be invited to attend. Motion Seconded: Mal McDougall. Motion Carried.

9. Jeff Fulcher commented that important to keep everything transparent and to keep communication channels open with all committee members and to keep in contact.

10. Letter from Geoff Reimers was presented at the AGM and read by Al Brennan. Geoff submitted a proposal that the MGPS adopt a third level on their Judges Panel. The main benefits is that MGPS can help train new judges which could promote the breed as consistency of judging could be achieved and more qualified Modern Game judges for clubs to use. MGPS committee members are to review the letter and advise of decision.

11. Gary Phillips suggested contacting all the old breeders and getting some articles, old photos and making this into a book which the MGPS could distribute. MGPS Committee to discuss.

12. Wayne Ingleton advised that Ian Simpson wished to table a suggestion on having one central Venue in a state for the National Show rather than separate states. MGPS Committee members are to review and discuss.

Meeting closed: 10.30am

 Signed Alan Brennan

President of Modern Game Promotional Society Inc

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