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History of MGPS


The Modern Game Promotional Society was the original idea of Wayne Ingleton who when judging noticed the numbers were down and with the other founding members Kevin Everson from NSW, Alan Brennan John Pocock, Merry-Anne Brennan all from Qld. The Modern Game Promotional Society was formed (MGPS) in 2009 Of the original founding members we have one left John Pocock and with our MGPS show to be held in 2019 Bundaberg Qld next year it will be fitting that our 10th anniversary show will be there at the state where it all started.

The idea of MGPS is to promote the Modern Game fowl and take the show to a different state of Australia each year. To give you some idea on the right is a map of Australia with UK.

The original concept of shows was to Sponsor the Modern Game at an existing show and cover all the costs of Prize Money, Ribbons, and Judges if a specialized Judge was required. The very first show was in 2010 at The Rosewood Poultry clubs Annual Show, some 306 moderns were benched and our very first Champion MGPS Bird of show is pictured left a Blue Red bantam hen bred and exhibited by Mal McDougall from Bundaberg Qld. After our next show held with the Modern Game Club of Australia we then branched out a bit further and had clubs host the MGPS show as a Modern Game show only.

We believe MGPS has set a World Record for the Most Moderns benched at a show when the MGPS show was held in Bundaberg (Qld) in 2014 with 704 Large and Bantam moderns benched.

2015 saw the start of MGPS running the show on its own although our Annual Show being held in Western Australia was held with the Bullsbrook Poultry club which was great to meet other breeders of fowl in Western Australia.

In the 9 year history of MGPS we have come up with many unique and wonderful ways to help in our promotion of Modern Game. In 2011a few members were suggesting a Judging Register and by 2012 our Judging Panel was formed with the help of Gary Phillips who has been judging for over 50 years and judged at 100’s of shows, and who is a very renowned judge.

Gary’s belief was the need for a properly set up judges panel being essential to bring the fancy in line with other forms of livestock. “A judge is the custodian of the standards. Judges can make or break a breed, set fashions, divert from the standard and promote the fads and then what happens is we end up with several ideals instead of one!!! Judges opinions must be valued and respected. A judge has the responsibility to bring prestige to the fancy and be privy to certain rights and privileges befitting the position. We must always bear in mind that it is only one man’s opinion on the day. However, that opinion should be an educated one, tried and tested by some criteria.” This statement has become our opening statement for our Judges Code of conduct.

With the formation of the Judging Panel in 2012 the MGPS committee decided that it required someone at the helm to manage it and Ian joined the MGPS committee as the Judging Panel Director a role he has done every year since. To be a judge, potential judges obtain a copy of the Application for the MGPS Judging Panel, complete and post / email to Ian Simpson who once accepts it, a Judging Kit is sent out with the MGPS Judges Code of conduct, list of oral questions to discuss with Ian, a written examination paper on the Standard, experience and 3 current Judges approval .If no experience then stewarding with a judge, having a MGPS judge watch them judge and final approval. Any show that uses a MGPS judge then receives sponsorship with Trophies and Rosettes. We even have special MGPS jackets that Judges can purchase.

After our 2012 show at Horsham special cards were made for all future shows.

All the cards are the same design with different colours for Champion, Reserve, first second, third and highly recommended cards and they are certainly a wonderful keepsake of each show.

MGPS have 3 perpetual trophies for Champion Modern in Show, Reserve Champion Modern and Most Successful Female exhibitor which were crafted by our current Patron Noel Oxley and donated by the Oxley Family from WA. Kath McKenna is the only competitor so far to have won this prestigious award twice an amazing achievement and Ian Simpson won both Champion and Reserve Champion of the Show at the 2016 MGPS show.

The book of recognition was started in 2012 and was designed to induct people with the recognition for their efforts in keeping and preserving /or being involved with Modern Game. It’s our very own 'Hall of Fame' but since we do not have a hall it was decided to have a book that could be put on display at our Annual Show with the names and a story on the inductees for those present at the show to read.

In May 2018 MGPS produced its 48th magazine approximatel 950 pages. There are some wonderful articles on past and current breeders, member profiles, and historical articles, colour articles on moderns, husbandry articles and photos. The next stage will be to collate the articles in their categories and place them in folders such as the above and place the sections on our website for all to read.

This is what MGPS is all about; promoting Moderns to have as a breed but also we try to involve the Modern Game enthusiasts whether they have had Modern Game for a short time or for many years so that their stories can be part of the current history of Moderns bred and shown in Australia along with the past history of Modern Game in Australia and Worldwide and with articles on tips for breeding and husbandry. We also put in our Mags the normal yearly promotions of shows and Secretary notices which is part and parcel of running MGPS to notify members.

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