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Judges Code of Conduct

Judges Code of Conduct

An MGPS open panel judge is the custodian of the standards. Judges can make or break a breed, set fashions, divert from the standard and promote the fads and then what happens is we end up with several ideals instead of one!!! Judges opinions must be valued and respected. A judge has the responsibility to bring prestige to the fancy and be privy to certain rights and privileges befitting the position. We must always bear in mind that it is only one man’s opinion on the day. However, that opinion should be an educated one, tried and tested by some criteria.

MGPS Judges are to provide honest and consistent interpretations of modern game fowl and bantams using the Australian Standards as their guide. Members of the MGPS open panel of judges are recognized as professional ambassadors for the Society and must in no way be seen acting in a manner that will bring the MGPS into disrespect or disrepute with our peers, exhibitors, fellow club members or any other members of the public whom they may come into contact with.


MGPS Judges shall when judging at a show

  • Act in a professional manner as ambassadors of the MGPS.

  • Judge with honesty, diligence and act responsibly.

  • Judge using the Australian Poultry Standards Second Edition as a guide.

  • Deliver awards free from any impartiality and dishonesty

  • Will respect and follow the Show Rules

  • Be constructive and if required instructive when making comments.

MGPS Judges are to treat fellow open panel judges with respect and dignity and must not degrade, criticise or chastise another judge.

MGPS judges must be seen to be unified, goal orientated, respectful, impartial and professional.

Breaches of this code

Any breaches of the above code will go before the Dispute Committee. The certificate is to remain the property of MGPS at all times and maybe required to be returned to the club upon written request if the Dispute Committee request the MGPS Management Committee to ask for its return.

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