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Management Committee Meeting

Management Committee Meeting

The Modern Game Promotional Society Inc

Inc. No. IA37820

Management Committee Meeting

19th December 2014

Attendance via Telephone Link Up: Al Brennan, Jeff Fulcher, Les Oxley, Amanda Fulcher, Rod Laverty, Margaret Oxley and Ian Simpson

Items Discussed at Meeting

1) Bathurst Show. AGM 2014 meeting motion was passed that the committee decide on the price of entry of show entries and all entrants be members of MGPS.

  • 1) Cost of Entry $ 2.50

Passed by 5/7 that the cost per entry be $2.50.

  • 2) Public Liability Insurance for Bathurst and future shows.

The MGPS National Annual Show currently goes to a different state each year. Proposal: that Public Liability Insurance goes through SAPA Inc. each year.

Cost $ 40.00

Passed 7/7 to go through SAPA for all Public Liability Insurance each Year

2) Management of Sponsorship of Shows that use MGPS Judge

Previous practice is that MGPS sponsors shows by sending our MGPS Champion Ribbons for Class Champions. The Club presents colour classes of their show to Management Committee and ribbons are sent.


Clubs that choose MGPS judges to adjudicate Moderns have new designed ribbons/ Rosette that state “sponsored/donated” by MGPS Inc. rather than use the ribbons that we currently have specifically for our Annual Show for our Colour champions.

2 ribbons sent to Clubs Champion Modern Game of show and Reserve Champion Modern Game of Show sponsored by The Modern Game Promotional Society suggested titles.

2 Trophies sent to clubs for Champion and Reserve Modern of Show with inscribed wording, “Sponsored by The Modern Game Promotional Society.”

Rod added that we advise that the Champion and Reserve modern of show be for all moderns including Juniors.

Suggested that the cost be up to $50.00

Clubs receiving sponsorship to be asked to Notate on their Show Schedule that MGPS is Sponsoring the Modern section. The clubs show to be advertised in the Newsletter and Web Site.

Passed 7/7

3) Shows next Year so far that require sponsorship

           Modern Game Feature show at Euroa - Judge Ted Brown

           SA All Game Club at SAPA showgrounds - Judge Nathan Watson.

           SAMGPS Annual Show

           NSWMGPS Annual Show

           QLDMGPS Annual Show

4) Management of Annual Shows


Show Schedule of the National Annual show to be designed and passed by Standards Director Ian Simpson that all classes are correct. Template to be used for all future MGPS National Annual shows

Entries and payments of all show entries and Dinner bookings to be sent to MGPS Secretary

Show details to be placed in Newsletter, Website and emailed out to members

Emailed entries can use direct debit and email show entries and direct debit details.

Confirmation e-mail to be sent when received.

           Passed 7/7

5) Election of Judges to be announced at 2015 AGM

That all MGPS Members be given the choice to submit names for judges, for the 2016 show ,at Horsham. Nomination Forms for Judges be sent in the MGPS Magazine and for those with emails emailed out. MGPS Secretary to be sent nominations which are presented to Management Committee and copy of nominations to be sent to President Al for verification.

             Passed 5/7

6) Breeders Register for Web Site

Proposal that Breeders Register be set up on web site. Forms to be sent out in March/ April Newsletter with Membership Form. Breeder Register forms to be emailed to those with emails

Passed 7/7

7) The Modern Game Promotional Society Inc. Constitution


The MGPS constitution be revised, and if changes are required to the constitution, to hold a special meeting at the AGM. Any updates on the constitution to be done via the Magazine.

Passed 7/7

8) Raffle

Raffle Tickets to be sold on the day of the show only.

9) Treasurer’s Report

Trading Account $ 903.47

 Admin Account $ 3722.96

 Investment Account $ 5000.oo

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