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MGPS Book of Recognition

The Modern Game Promotional Society Book of Recognition

Book of Recognition

To try and give those among us who have contributed to the fancy in a manor that is above and beyond what is expected, we have our very own 'Book of Recognition' and it is designed to do just that, give people the proper and very deserved recognition for their efforts in keeping and preserving pure bred Modern Game Fowl.

It is designed to be something very, very special, an absolute honour and a salute to the recipients .The Book of Recognition was started in 2012 and designed and made by Noel and Margaret Oxley

It is our very own 'Hall of Fame' but since we do not have a hall we decided to have a book that can be put on display with the names and a story on the inductees for all enthusiasts to read and enjoy and the most important part... to be remembered and admired forevermore by their peers.

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